Customized VR Panorama

Super-convenient multimedia embedding

Super-convenient embedded music,video,phone,map,voice.

Super-convenient 3D product embedding

Take advantage of embedded multimedia to customize virtual roaming, 3D product display, product details and social media sharing links.

Smooth scene switching

File format optimization, natural and smooth scene switching, allowing users to patronize any scene no matter where they are.

Scene-oriented consumption guidance

Combined with call-to-actions and a pop-up menu to allow customers to contact the merchant for more information.

Cool social media presentation

Integrated 720 panoramic content on popular social media platforms such as Micro-blog, Wechat and others to enhance exposure.

UGC/PGC content creation

Has a number of technical applications to provide technical realization requirements for partners in UGC and PGC applications.

Platform Functions

New O2O Smart Travel Retail

Data Analysis

Ecoolex's big data and AI system provides you with professional data reports and user profile and user behavior analysis. It facilitate your decision-making based on customer journey and transaction data in various scenarios.

Coupon & Redemption

Ecoolex‘s card/voucher verification system helps you edit and generate coupons. You can register and manage the usage of coupons through Ecoolex’s backend system, APP, and terminal.

Store Reservation

Ecoolex's merchant reservation system helps you collect information of your customers' reservations and arrival time. It allows you to better manage appointments and contact guests, improve performance and reputation.

Order and Pre-Order

Ecoolex's product pre-booking system helps you to make available of online pre-booking services with in-store pick up, airport pick up, in-plane pick up, or deliver to hotel, etc. to meet the needs of all customer travel scenarios. It lets you better manage your inventory and increase your profit.

Online Store

Ecoolex Ecoolex's online e-Commerce system helps you to manage your products through back-end management system or API integration, so that your products can be easily targeted to more customers, whether they are tourists or not.

Success Cases

Marketing Function

VR Brand Marketing Promotion

In VR context, you can embed corporate, marketing, and product videos to fully engage users and enhance the immersive user experience.

VR Interactive Campaigns

In VR context, you can provide interactive campaigns such as lucky draw, survey and check-in etc. according to your branding and marketing strategy.

VR Interactive Games

In the VR scene, you can provide games such as treasure hunt etc. to attract customers to to designated areas or popular locations to participate and win the prizes.










ECOOLEX focuses on providing innovative solution for smart travel based on VR technology and O2O model, creating a new experience of dining, lodging, sight-seeing, traveling, shopping and entertainment.